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County Officer: Russell Reeve
Rooms 57/58, County Hall
Martineau Lane, Norwich

Local Council Award Scheme

A new Award has been launched by the Improvement and Development Board (includes representatives of Government, the National Association of Local Councils, affiliated County Associations and the Society of Local Council Clerks). The Local Council Award Scheme is tailored to local councils to assess them against national standards and to help improve 3 main areas: governance, community engagement and council development.

Norfolk ALC wants you to be recognised for your work and achievements in order to maximise your influence within your community and within local and central government. These are challenging times for local councils and it has never been more important that we work together to maintain and improve the reputation of local councils.

Stemming from the original Quality Council Scheme, the new scheme contains three tiers of award which incorporate a more accessible award (we can support all councils to rapidly achieve the Foundation Award), a good practice level award (Quality) and a more challenging and aspirational award (Quality Gold).

In recognition of the calibre of all existing Quality Councils and your patience and support over the transition period between the schemes, we want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to be accredited by the new scheme. As one of the best councils in the sector, the new scheme's progress and success will be determined by your involvement.