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County Officer: Russell Reeve
Rooms 57/58, County Hall
Martineau Lane, Norwich

Tailored Training

Training For YOUR Council’s Needs

You choose the modules and venue and we deliver

  • Training delivered in your parish or town
  • Receive the training you want
  • Arrange a date that suits you
  • Provide a venue that is convenient for you
  • Make it easier for your clerk and councillors to attend
  • Develop together as a council
  • Ensure everyone is informed
  • Target training for your council and committee chairs
  • Save travelling time and mileage costs
  • Invite other councils to attend to share costs and ideas

See document below for available training modules, which include:

Dealing with Disorder

Roles of Councillors/Chairs/Councils and Clerks

Powers, Duties and Expenditure

Code of Conduct


  • Tailored Training (PDF, 639 Kb)

    Training For Your Council's Needs.

    You choose the modules and venue and we deliver.

Fees are listed below and include the trainer, equipment and material for all delegates.

One evening (2 hrs) - £252

One evening/½ day (3 hrs) - £312

One day (4 hrs) - £432

Two day (8 hrs) - £744

Two evenings (4hrs) - £504

Four evenings (8 hrs) - £822

Where the training is required on a Saturday, add £25.

Should you wish to invite neighbouring parishes to help share costs it would be your responsibility to administer this, as well as booking the venue and providing any refreshments. Once your council has agreed to proceed with a local training package, please contact the Norfolk ALC office to arrange suitable dates with our trainers.