Support for Councils and Clerks

NALC Committee Election Results

The results of the National ALC committee elections were unveiled on 29 November 2023. Cllr Keith Stevens has been re-elected unopposed as chair, as has Cllr Peter Davey as vice-chair (finance), and NALC welcomes new vice-chair (member services), Cllr David Francis. See the full results of the elections now.

CiLCA In 2024

If you’ve got 12 months experience as a local council officer, and you would like to develop your career, then a CiLCA qualification will help you stand out from the crowd. It also provides one of the necessary criteria for local councils wishing to adopt and maintain the General power of Competence.  Come along to our free Introduction to CiLCA in January 2024. Plus a free offer to Clerks of Norfolk ALC member councils.

Don’t Go It Alone And Heat Of The Moment Resignations

For over 50 years the Local Government Act 1972 (S101) has told Councils that individual Councillors cannot carry out functions of the Council on their own. Consequently, any employment procedure which requires an individual Elected Member to act on behalf of the Council or Committee is potentially unlawful. Also heat of the moment resignations can can open the door to claims of unfair dismissal. Find out more now.

Cold Weather Communications Toolkit Published

On 20 November, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) published their cold weather communications toolkit, which supports the Adverse Weather and Health Plan and the updated Cold-Health Alerting service.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

National Energy Action, the fuel poverty charity has released a range of assets for Fuel Poverty Awareness Day taking place on Thursday 30 November. Their stakeholder pack is now available.