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This course is designed for Clerks and other local council staff who wish to complete their portfolio to gain a sector specific Level 3 professional qualification – CiLCA (2015, 2nd edition). The course is delivered by a NALC/SLCC CiLCA recognised Trainer.

Norfolk ALC is the only organisation in Norfolk that is an accredited training provider for CiLCA with an agreed SLA in place with the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC).

To benefit from this course, students need to have some relevant experience, ideally working as a Clerk or similar within a town or parish council for at least 12 months and have undertaken basic level training.

Session Number

Session plan

Learning Outcomes

About CiLCA & building a Portfolio

Are you ready? Learning needs analysis

EMMA & submission options,

Local funding options - SLCC Norfolk Bursary

Looking at LO4 – professionalism

Unit 1 – Core roles

Preparing for Session 2

Background, key points, annotations, sources of information and how to research.

LO 1 to LO 3

Considering questions from previous session

Unit 2a – Law & Procedures

Preparing for Session 3

LO 5 to LO 9

Considering questions from previous session

Unit 2b – Law & Procedures

Preparing for Session 4

LO 10 to LO 13

Considering questions from previous session

Unit 3 – Finance

Preparing for Session 5

LO 14 to LO 20

Considering questions from previous session

Unit 4 - Management

Preparing for Session 6

LO 21 to LO 23

Considering questions from previous session

Unit 5 - Community

Pulling it all together & resolving any final questions/ queries.

LO 24 to LO 30

Session 1 is 4 hours (9.30am to 1.30pm); subsequent sessions are three hours (9.30am to 12.30pm) each. However, there are opportunities to discuss progress directly with your Tutor before and after the sessions.

Students are encouraged to work on completing their portfolio alongside each of these sessions. Draft assessments can be shared with the Tutor for comment prior to submission to EMMA.

Pre-course work: CiLCA students are asked to complete the following prior to session 1:

  • CiLCA Learning Agreement – an agreement between Council, Clerk and Trainer.
  • Form 03 – to produce a 400-word introduction to your role, experience and the council with which you are working.
  • CiLCA Training needs analysis form – to highlight key learning needs ahead.

A CiLCA qualification is awarded at Level 3 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and is worth 20 credits. A CiLCA qualified Clerk is qualified in England for the purposes of the Local Council Award Scheme (Quality & Quality Gold) and eligibility for their Council to use the general power of competence.

To submit a portfolio and achieve the qualification, students must register with the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) and pay a registration fee (£350, increasing to £410 1 October 2020). Please do not register before starting this training course, full details will be explained at Session 1, including any funding opportunities.



Unit 1

LO1 - Roles & duties of council, clerk, chair, councillor & RFO

LO2 - Research & reporting skills

LO3 - Key documents & policies

LO4 - Writing skills

Unit 2 a

LO5 - Powers & duties

LO6 - s.137 LGA 1972

LO7 - General Power of Competence

LO8 - Employment & equality

LO9 - Health & safety

Unit 2 b

LO10 - Agendas & minutes

LO11 - Standing Orders

LO12 - Committees & delegations

LO13 – Ethical conduct

Unit 3

LO14 - Budget preparation & monitoring

LO15 - Cash book & bank reconciliation control

LO16 - Sound risk management & insurance arrangements

LO17 - Applying for grants

LO18 - Financial regulations, controls & safeguards

LO19 - Understanding VAT

LO20 - Annual audit processes & responsibilities

Unit 4

LO21 - Managing projects, services & facilities

LO22 - Managing staff

LO23 - Training & development

Unit 5

LO24 - Creating an action plan for the council

LO25 - Influential planning application responses

LO26 - Knowing your community & fostering good relations

LO27 - Engaging with the community

LO28 - Raising the council's profile

LO29 - Transparent decisions & actions

LO30 - Awarding grants to the community

Venue: via Zoom, delivered straight to your desk.

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