Support for Councils and Clerks

Council Of The Year & Sarah Thorpe Council Employee Awards

Norfolk ALC Council of the Year Award

Over the last year Town and Parish councils have been playing their part delivering first class services for their residents. Now is the time to celebrate all the excellent projects local councils have undertaken and also give other councils the opportunity to learn from best practice.

The project should be making best use of the finances, raised via the precept, via a successful grant application or both. The council needs to take the lead with the project and can work in partnership with any other local organisation. The council should demonstrate how local residents have been consulted and involved with the project. Finally the success of the project needs to be evaluated to see if it has met its objectives.

Sarah Thorpe Council Employee of the Year

Staff are vital for making sure a council runs smoothly and services are delivered in a timely and professional manner. Some members of staff go above and beyond what is expected and they need to receive a special thanks.


Any councillor can nominate their own council or a member of staff for the award. This should be a single A4 sheet outlining why they should be considered for the award. A council of any size can be nominated and the nomination should be written so the council or staff member cannot be identified. The person making the nomination can highlight what they believe are the strengths of the nomination. Nomination must be submitted by Monday 31st July 2023.

Shortlisting and Voting

An Independent Panel will consider all the nominations and draw up a short list in both categories. Each council will have the opportunity to vote on the anonymous short-listed candidates. The short listed council will have the opportunity to make a presentation of their project at the Norfolk ALC AGM before the winners are announced.