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Cyber attacks, hacktivists and organised crime may all sound rather ‘007-ish’, but as more and more of our everyday devices are now connected to the internet, so our digital footprint grows at pace, leaving us vulnerable to having our personal information used against us. Sadly, cyber crime such as social engineering campaigns and email phishing attacks have become commonplace in our age of connectivity, and it becomes our responsibility to protect ourselves and our businesses from complex cyber threats.

This Cyber User Awareness Training (Basic) course has been developed by cyber security specialists, Cyber Security Associates (CSA), and has been designed to give us a better insight into the day-to-day cyber challenges we face. It is critical for businesses and organisations to understand that hard-earned trust, reputation and commercial viability are significantly compromised during a single cyber incident. This course provides practical advice on how to better safeguard your company and personal information at work and at home, and offers techniques for identifying different types of potential or actual cyber attacks.


After completing the course, learners will be able to:​

  • Understand that ‘cyber’ is more than just IT
  • Understand the concept of the Internet of Things
  • Have a better understanding of how Data Protection laws are changing
  • Explain the key differences between the outside and inside cyber threat​ and what constitutes these types of threats
  • Understand the importance of passwords and their security in defending your information against a cyber threat
  • Understand what makes up your digital footprint, and how it can be used as a means of attack
  • Remember ways to control and manage your digital footprint
  • Identify ways to stay cyber safe while at work, at home and working on the move
  • Know what to do if any of your personal accounts are compromised or hacked



Topics explored in this course, Cyber User Awareness Training (Basic):

  • What is cyber?
  • The cyber threat
  • Information security threats
  • The outsider threat
  • Hackers & hacktivists
  • Nation state
  • Industrial competitors
  • Organised crime
  • The insider threat
  • Password management
  • Digital footprints
  • Staying safe at work and at home
  • Tips and techniques on safeguarding information

Once processed you will receive joining instructions and your council will be issued with an invoice. Registration on this course will last 12 months.