Official Partners of Norfolk County Council and Scribe Accounting

Gabbie Joyce

Training Officer

Gabbie joined the team in October 2018 and is a CiLCA 2015 qualified Clerk as well as holding a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice. She has been involved in Norfolk local government since 2008, fulfilling a number of different roles - parish councillor to a small rural council, manager of county and district funded community volunteer programmes and most recently Clerk to a medium sized council before joining Norfolk ALC.

Gabbie's remit is to support Member Councils in their ambitions to develop professional standards. She delivers our induction training courses for Councillors and Clerks as well as many specific topic courses such as Standing Orders, Information Law, Annual Accounts and Employment Law. She is also our CiLCA recognised Trainer.

Last updated: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 09:58