Support for Councils and Clerks

In the coming months and years many households in Norfolk will experience an uncomfortable spread of unfamiliar poverty and deeper damage to wellbeing. Caring for them is a central aspect of this Initiative. Local councils are adept at spotting those who are in discomfort, who are lonely, who are struggling to make ends meet. They are also aware where young people especially are stressed. Here is where the parish and town councils can be most important.

  • Encouraging and supporting food redistribution schemes.
  • Supporting community shops.
  • Creating and encouraging “warm spaces”
  • Encouraging local food production in gardens and community allotments.
  • Providing support for basic needs.
  • Notifying the relevant care agencies and voluntary organisations and community groups to take appropriate preventative action.
  • Acting as the eyes and ears of the protective society so as to target investment where otherwise social distress and possible great social cost and painful personal suffering can be avoided.
  • Working with relevant agencies to detect and deter the activities of individuals and organisations that seek to prey on the vulnerable.