Serving the people of Norfolk

John Pennell

Well-Being Initiative & Climate Action Project

John has been a member of our Executive Committee since 2007, is now a director of the co‑operative and has chaired the Well-Being Initiative since its inception last year – all voluntary roles. He is passionate about parish councils and the role they can play in the modern world – even more so now, in what is fast becoming the 'new normal'. Not surprisingly he is also passionate about making sure we have a planet to live on and manages the Climate action Project within the Well-Being Initiative. He serves on the National ALC Climate Change Committee.

He has previously worked as a teacher and Headmaster in Zambia, for a brief spell with the NFU and latterly jointly founded a number of successful IT companies where his role was always that of IT/Technical director. He has a master's degree in agriculture and a P.G.C.E.

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