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Feedback from our CiLCA Course

Feedback from our CiLCA Course

Great feedback from Town Clerk at Bungay Town Council

"I received excellent support from Norfolk ALC which enabled me to pass CiLCA within 6 months from registering and within 10 months of becoming a Parish Clerk. I found the CiLCA course very helpful and it was good to learn together as a group, with great support from my tutor. I was also pleased that I was able to have 1/2 the Training costs refunded. The CILCA training has helped me enormously and during the study period I moved from part time Parish Clerk at Roydon to a Full Time Town Clerk position at Bungay Town Council." Jeremy Burton

The Certificate in Local Council Administration is the recognised clerk qualification, providing clerks with the knowledge and competence to support their councils.

CiLCA is also one of the eligibility criteria for councils to be able to adopt the General Power of Competence, empowering councils to consider almost any initiative they deem beneficial to their community.

Norfolk ALC has secured grant funding towards a 50% reduction of both the training and registration costs of CiLCA for this year. We currently have a CiLCA course beginning in July and booking is open for that here. We are keen to run more CiLCA courses and are check out levels of interest, location preferences and also even the option of a Saturday course. Contact our Trainer, Gabbie Joyce to share your requirements and to get more information.

Posted: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 14:00 by Kevin Bacon

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