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Case Study - Securing an Asset of Community Value

A case study on securing an asset of community value – a guide to how it was done at Watlington Parish Council.

Pubs and villages are particularly important services for our rural villages, often being the only venue where local people can meet and socialise. Their demise impacts on the social well-being of the area. Promotion and protection of social well-being is a fundamental element of Parish Council activity. The attached downloadable case study highlights how Watlington Parish Council took action to protect their local pub.

The Localism Act 2010 enables local councils to apply to have places of community value placed on a register held by the area planning authority. This special status provides recognition of the importance of the asset in promotion of social well-being and an opportunity for a community group to mobilise into action to purchase the asset should it come to market.

Posted: Thu, 28 Mar 2019 09:30 by Kevin Bacon

Tags: Case Study, Community Asset