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Norfolk Clerks – is 2020 the year for your CiLCA qualification?

Norfolk Clerks – is 2020 the year for your CiLCA qualification?

"The chief officer of a council serving a community of any size is a professional employee requiring management, organisational and communication skills and an understanding of the law, administrative procedures, the planning system, financial management and community engagement." Source: National Training Strategy 2017

The Certificate in Local Council Administration, is a professional qualification for Town and Parish Council Clerks that is specifically designed to demonstrate the occupational standards needed to fulfil the role of a local council Clerk.

We are the County's recognised CiLCA Trainer and we deliver training to support the development of your portfolio for CiLCA. We are looking ahead to 2020 with a plan for more course dates. We also provide a one-to-one tuition support for those Clerks who struggle to commit to day-time courses. Feedback from one of our 'distance learners': "This type of learning was of great benefit to me and a way I prefer to study…..not attending workshops meant that I needed to undertake deeper research into questions, thereby gaining a greater depth of knowledge and being able to retain it….I especially like the freedom to work at my own pace."

Cost is a serious consideration with any professional development and we are delighted to be able to continue to provide financial assistance through match-funding for both the training AND the registration fees associated with CiLCA, bringing the costs down by 50%. This funding is only available through us, the County Association.

Contact our recognised CiLCA Trainer now to discuss opportunities for securing CiLCA in 2020.

Posted: Thu, 02 Jan 2020 14:30 by Kevin Bacon

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