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Two places available for a Buckingham Palace Garden Party on 12 May 2020

We have two spaces which have arisen for a Buckingham Palace Garden Party on 12 May 2020.

However, I need to get any nominations this week, please, and then get the attached form accurately filled in for any nominated person/ their partner.

Please note:

  • Invitations are in recognition of PAST service as Chairmen of Parish Council and Town Mayors in England and it is therefore appropriate that outgoing members, rather than those newly elected, should be invited to attend.
  • Guests must NOT have previously attended a Garden Party.
  • It is essential that all details given are correct. Names and addresses need to reflect the guests' form of identification that they will be asked to bring with them e.g. Passport, driving licence to allow them to gain access to the event.
  • Guests who require assistance MUST be accompanied and this must be made clear on the form. The entrance to and the grounds of the palace is accessible by wheelchair and disabled parking is close to the palace entrance. If disabled parking is required, this must be made clear to me.
  • Buckingham Palace have stated that late changes to nominations cannot not be entertained by the palace.
  • Invitations will be issued approximately 6 weeks prior to the Garden Party.
  • There will be no parking facilities available for guests with the exception of disability badge holders (blue badge holders) which should be noted on the form. The palace will contact that guest requesting details of the disability badge.
  • This year, to comply with data protection legislation, each individual's consent will be required to process their personal data for the purpose of nominating them to attend a Garden Party.

Posted: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 16:30 by Kevin Bacon

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