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Blakeney has a super community; and once again it stepped up!

Blakeney has a super community; and once again it stepped up!

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the community came together and up sprung the Blakeney Covid-19 Support Group, initially instigated by a local resident and her niece and it soon snowballed. Before lockdown became what it is today the volunteers hit the ground and leaflet dropped the village, every road and loke so that people knew that there was help out there, when initially there was a food and loo roll shortage in the shops. We have the super Spar shop in Blakeney, but supplies were needed from further afield at this time also, if you could get them! The local community was and still, is there to try and support those in need of non-emergency help during this challenging time.

The Parish Council successfully applied for the £1,000 grant from the Norfolk Community Foundation in order to help support the local efforts. It set up a facebook page and a dedicated website via the Blakeney, Cley and District Royal British Legion webpage These pages along with the facebook page and website of Blakeney Parish Council, share a whole host of valuable information that has been collated by members of the community to try and help during these difficult times of isolation and the unknown. There is so much help and many new initiatives; people can get help with shopping and prescription collections, signposted to other helpful websites, free and online subscription services to meetings, social events, including live music performances, quiz nights, happy hour, coffee mornings etc, it's all going on.

We have volunteers delivering super veg boxes, (interesting to see what everyone is making), dog walking for others that are not able to at this time and just a real sense of community. There are things for the children to get involved in, people to help you get online if this is a whole new venture in itself, information on how to volunteer, and how to get the help from the government if you are a business, or self-employed, it's all there and much more besides. Easter has come and gone and that would usually bring people flocking to our small village, given that we are a tourist hot spot on the beautiful north norfolk coast; what has happened means that those who are fortunate to live here, are seeing the place through fresh eyes, and appreciating it even more, it is of course bittersweet!

Posted: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 14:00 by Helen Carrier

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