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COVID testing for Town and Parish Council staff in Norfolk

Norfolk County Council is offering Town and Parish Councils in Norfolk the opportunity to obtain free rapid Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing for Covid‑19 for staff who are not able to work from home. There are two ways this can happen.

  • Workplace Surveillance Testing (WST). This is available where two or more staff are working together in an office/work setting and are unable to work from home. If relevant to you, please visit, to read the information and complete the declaration form. The testing must then be carried out in the workplace.
  • Community Testing at District Asymptomatic Testing Sites (DATS). Councils which only have one member of staff working in an office/work setting can use NCC's DATS locations. If interested, visit to check the locations and book 2 x tests/week (preferably Monday and Thursday, or Tuesdays and Fridays) at the link provided. Spacing out the testing days means that there is then less opportunity for asymptomatic individuals to spread Covid-19 to families and communities.

Posted: Tue, 09 Mar 2021 10:00 by Kevin Bacon