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CiLCA Successes for Norfolk Clerks

CiLCA Successes for Norfolk Clerks
  • Congratulations to Claire Prentice, Clerk to Foulden Parish Council, and more recently also Holme Hale Parish Council and Merton Parish Council.
  • Congratulations to Karen Orgill, Clerk to Syderstone Parish Council.

Both Claire and Karen undertook their CiLCA training with Norfolk ALC and were under the mentorship of our CiLCA Recognised Trainer, Gabbie Joyce. CiLCA is a Level 3 sector-specific qualification, and a significant achievement for clerks as evidence of their professional competence. Karen says; "it was a tough long haul but I'm so glad I did it." It is also valuable for councils who wish to increase their effectiveness for their communities as it is one of the two criteria that opens the opportunity to adopt the General Power of Competence.

Posted: Tue, 27 Apr 2021 15:30 by Kevin Bacon

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