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Lantra Basic Tree Survey & Inspection Course

Lantra accredited Basic Tree Survey and Inspection Course on 15 July in Hardingham, delivered by EasTec UK LTD. Bookings are now open.

Identifying hazardous trees is a vital part asset management for local councils. This training is designed to help you recognise and then report issues to an appropriate expert. It's a basic one-day course to give you the knowledge to be able to identify potential hazards.
Course sessions include:
Health and safety
Risk assessment
Legal framework
Collecting the information
The limits and scope of the surveys
Hazardous trees

Worth noting: Although this course is mostly classroom-based, you'll be expected to be able to
look at a range of trees outside.
If you have mobility problems or a medical condition that could have an impact on your health
and safety, please let us know prior to the course.

Posted: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 12:55 by Gabbie Joyce

Tags: Environmental, Training, Tree Management