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How to Manage Council Risks using a Digital Web-based Asset Register

The Covid-19 pandemic has put Local Government under unprecedented strain. Councils are having to provide more services (including new ones) with fewer resources. To add to the challenge, councils are having to adapt to remote working and the provision of remote support.

BHIB Councils Insurance has been inundated with requests for help and advice over the past 12 months. From their 2000-plus local council customers they have gained a deep understanding of the challenges and risks that councils face, and the best ways of managing them. Parish Online in partnership with BHIB Councils Insurance want to share some of these insights with your members.

BHIB is seeing a growing number of councils with inadequate insurance cover. The most common problems are that sums insured do not match asset registers and that valuations are out of date (if they exist at all). These omissions can have serious consequences in the event of a claim. In several recent cases council staff have left their posts taking all the council records with them and leaving the council with no insurance cover at all. Remote working during the lockdown has added significantly to the risk of insurance policies becoming out of date. For all these reasons it is vital for councils to collect and maintain information about their assets using a secure web-based digital asset register which can be accessed remotely by all authorised staff.

That is why BHIB Council Insurance works in partnership with Parish Online, a secure web-based system with many uses including Neighbourhood Planning, Resilience Planning, Planning Applications analysis and communicating with residents. But, most important to BHIB, Parish Online helps councils to collect and maintain a comprehensive register of all its assets.

Parish Online is available to all registered council staff 24/7 from any computer. This makes it perfect for remote working and eliminates the risk of information getting lost when council staff change or go on holiday.

BHIB is so committed to the value of Parish Online that it offers a free subscription to all customers who enter into a 3 year agreement for their insurance.

To help, we are reaching out to offer you and your members an exclusive webinar training session called "Are you Remotely Effective? (How to Manage Council Risks using a Digital Web-based Asset Register)", an engaging WebEx training course in partnership with BHIB with the following course content:

  • Underinsurance; the consequences of not being correctly and adequately insured
  • Buildings valuation; the options, suggested frequency and costs
  • Building construction; the types and their significance to insurers
  • Parish Online; how web-based technology can help you manage risk remotely

The course takes about 90 minutes including 30 minutes for questions at the end with plenty of opportunity for follow up with councils who need more help or advice. The maximum number of participants is 100 and there is no charge.

Please email to make a booking.

Posted: Thu, 01 Jul 2021 15:00 by Kevin Bacon

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