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Clerk's Tech Forum - Virtual Summit

Clerk's Tech Forum - Virtual Summit

The next virtual summit is taking place on Tuesday 30 November at 10am and is one we're really excited about.

We have a panel of Clerk's and representatives from the SLCC and ALC's answering your questions on how technology is being used in the council sector.

Our panelists will be covering the below subjects for you:

  • Microsoft 365 – Wellingborough Town Council
  • Broadcasting – Woughton Community Council
  • Telephony – Society of Local Council Clerks
  • Websites and Accessibility – East Riding and North Lincolnshire Local Council Association (ERNLLCA)
  • Apps (Park Inspection, Allotments, Asset Management and more) – Stamford Town Council
  • Training – Norfolk Association of Local Councils
  • Leadership Coaching – Heart Centred Leaders

More information about this event and a link to sign up to this virtual summit is below:

The Council Tech Forum Virtual Summit

We look forward to seeing you there.


Posted: Thu, 25 Nov 2021 11:30 by Kevin Bacon

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