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Recent Activity - NALC

Recent Activity - NALC

Since the last update we have attended a number of county association events. Gary remotely attended a Worcestershire councillors' meeting in September and gave a legal update. Jane attended the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ALC conference in-person in September and the County Durham ALC AGM remotely in October and delivered legal updates. Thank you as always for the invites. Jane also remotely attended the Lawyers in Local Government conference on 4 and 12 November.

We are updating LTN 65 (Closed churchyards and disused burial grounds) and LTN 31 (Local council general powers) and will reissue them this month. The LTN 31 change is to confirm the position on general power of competence eligibility remaining between relevant annual meetings (that is, those in years of ordinary elections) if the eligibility conditions are no longer met in that period. We have also updated LTN 5 as a result of legislative changes in Wales and we have separated the LTN in to English and Welsh versions. The new LTN 5W for Wales and 5E for England will also be reissued this month.

NALC Legal Update November 2021


Posted: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 13:46 by Kevin Bacon