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Winter Rain and Flooding Prevention Campaign

Winter Rain and Flooding Prevention Campaign

Norfolk County Council on behalf of the Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance have a launched a winter rain and flooding prevention campaign, calling for everyone to do their bit to help mitigate the potential impact of surface water and rain. You might hear an advert on local radio and see a social media campaign, which they'd very much appreciate anyone sharing on their Facebook or Twitter accounts if possible.

The campaign calls on residents and landowners to take action now to clear domestic drains at home and at work, to report blocked road drains to the County Council, and to make sure ditches are clear enough for water to flow through them. The campaign calls on people to find out if they have riparian responsibilities and to take action if they do, and also to check rural ditches when out walking, asking local landowners to make sure that their ditches are clear. It may be that residents contact the Parish Council or Clerk to enquire about land ownership, so that people with responsibilities for rural ditches can be contacted by the Clerk and reminded to carry out clearance works. The campaign also reminds people to think about what they would do if a flood were to happen.

Much of the information is available on and this webpage also has links to the report it online form for blocked road drains for example.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Parish Councils for helping us with this campaign, and for general diplomacy when it comes to identifying landowners and contacting them if requested by a concerned member of the public who may have spotted a blocked ditch.

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Posted: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 14:00 by Kevin Bacon

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