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Good Neighbour Schemes

Good Neighbour Schemes

We are fortunate to have a number of different good neighbour schemes in Norfolk. Keeping track of where they are located can be a challenge.

A new website page by Community Action Norfolk (with map) has been created to help give people an overview. Please note, not every scheme in Norfolk has been included, however it is a very useful starting point.

If you are unfamiliar with good neighbour schemes, here is a quick introduction:

"Why are Good Neighbour Schemes needed?

We all need support at various times in our lives, and to help us, we draw on a range of resources. Some kinds of support are formal from things such as GP surgeries, care agencies or charities, whilst others are informal for example family, friends, colleagues or neighbours.

Our experience shows that there is often a gap between these two types of support in local communities, with many kinds of non-critical need going unaddressed, this is where Good Neighbour Schemes can help.

Providing assistance like a little bit of help in the home, tidying up the garden, having your shopping delivered if you are unable to leave the house, or getting a lift to a doctor's appointment can make a huge difference to someone and can allow them to feel safe, secure and better connected with their community.

The aim of a Good Neighbour Scheme is to support vulnerable neighbours to maintain a good quality of life, remain independent and happy in their own homes and help them to feel better connected within their community."

Posted: Thu, 06 Jan 2022 11:00 by Kevin Bacon

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