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Boundary Commission for England – Partner pack

Boundary Commission for England – Partner pack

Resources provided to help NCC to raise awareness of the secondary consultation and use our communication channels to help as many people as possible get involved and have their say on the proposed new map of constituencies via BCE Consultation Portal (

General information

  • Review of parliamentary constituencies to ensure each one has roughly the same number of electors.
  • First national consultation, June – Aug 2021, had over 34,000 responses.
  • Secondary consultation, 22 Feb – 4 Apr 2022, to present initial national proposals
  • 32 public hearings planned, none in Norfolk. (closest are in Ipswich, Cambridge, Southend)

Additional information from the Boundary Commission website relating to Norfolk

  • No change to existing allocation of consistencies in Norfolk – remains at 9
  • Constituencies all wholly contained within the boundary of Norfolk (this is not the case in Suffolk and Essex)
  • Map below: blue lines are existing constituencies, red lines proposed new Eastern | BCE Consultation Portal (

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