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Parish Online Training

Parish Online Training

The following group training sessions will be held during the next five weeks.

Group sessions are held twice weekly, on Wednesdays at 10am, with a repeat on Thursdays at 3pm, trying to cater to most calendars:

30-31 Mar: Basics 101 - Introduction to Parish Online

06-07 Apr: Basics 102 - First Row Menus, and Geometries

13-14 Apr: Basics 104 - All other menus

20-21 Apr: Basics 103 - Asset Manager

27-28 Apr: Basics 105 - Styling

All courses are Interactive - ie attendees are invited to undertake some implementation themselves within their own copy of Parish Online, during the group training session. Such interactivity is optional, not mandatory!

Full details on each course, their necessary pre-requisites, dates, and bookings, are available here.

Posted: Mon, 28 Mar 2022 14:30 by Kevin Bacon

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