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CiLCA success - Justine Luckhurst, Necton Parish Council

CiLCA success - Justine Luckhurst, Necton Parish Council

Congratulations to Justine Luckhurst, who achieved her Certificate in Local Council Administration this month. Justine is Clerk to Necton Parish Council, with about two years experience in the post, she undertake her CiLCA studies with us in September 2021.

"I am so glad I went through the CilCA training, at first the idea of additional work and completing assessments was daunting but the training and support I received from Gabbie was excellent. Not only does it provide you with a qualification but gives you the confidence to carry out your day to day duties and expands your knowledge immensely" said Justine.

Portfolio based CiLCA is a consolidation of experience and knowledge and the ideal study for Clerks with 12 or more months experience, who are interested in continuing professional development. Norfolk ALC is the only accredited CiLCA training provider in Norfolk and our training courses are open for booking now. We run two courses a year, starting March and September. Alternatively, chat with our CiLCA recognised trainer ( accreditation number 200911) to see how we might tailor individual training to suit.

Posted: Tue, 12 Apr 2022 13:00 by Gabbie Joyce

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