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How to have a low impact Xmas - from GiKi

Seasonal celebrations can be a hard time to reduce our impact. There is a lot of temptation, and no one wants to be ungenerous!

We have some tips for reducing our impact when giving more sustainable gifts.

Ask someone what they want before buying a gift.

Give them the gift receipt so they can exchange it if needed.

Don't impulse buy

Don't buy two gifts when one will do

Think how often, and for how long, the person will use the gift

If appropriate, try a Secret Santa

Here we have put together Giki's ideas for more sustainable gifts

  • Homemade presents will usually be lower carbon
  • Donation to a charity
  • Tree-planting
  • Sponsor an endangered animal
  • Tickets to theatre or an event
  • Experience voucher
  • Fruit tree or plant
  • Grow your own herbs kit
  • Membership to National Trust
  • Things made locally out of recycled materials
  • Items made from sustainable materials
  • Re-usable coffee cup or water bottle (if they don't have ten already)
  • Voucher for a seasonal veg box

Eco-friendly Present Ideas for Children

  • Second-hand toys
    Children tend not to notice a damaged box or opened bag. It is worth looking on second-hand sites or local marketplace groups to see if you can get what they want looking almost new.
  • Craft boxes (no plastic, and local!)
    Lots of companies can supply these now and they usually come in their own box, so it saves on wrapping as well!
  • Sponsor an animal at a local zoo or animal centre
    If it is somewhere you visit even better as they can feel they are going to see their own animal.
  • Grow your own plants kit

So, as long we are thoughtful about what we buy, reducing and thinking about what gifts would get low or no use, we should have a more sustainable and cheaper celebration. For more sustainable steps, sign-up for GIKI ZERO

Posted: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 12:31 by Pete Strange

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