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This course, developed by cyber security specialists Cyber Security Associates, is designed to enhance the learner's knowledge of one of the fastest growing cyber attack methods: phishing. The course is useful for anyone who works with digital devices, and provides learners with details of information security threats, attack methods, and tips and techniques on safeguarding.

In addition to this elearning course, Cyber Security Associates also offer email phishing campaigns, which are designed to test and understand the overall 'cyber hygiene' of any organisation. Their standard phishing campaign is designed with an objective of gaining an employee's trust and interaction with a non-business-related email. Each client will have the ability to choose the most suitable framework and content for the email to make it appear as genuine and plausible as possible. Each client will receive a comprehensive view of the results obtained from the campaign to detail both areas of strength and those needing improvement. Please contact Nimble for further information on these email phishing campaigns.


After completing the course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the definition and different types of phishing
  • Explain why phishing attacks are used and how your digital footprint can be exploited for these attacks and for social engineering purposes
  • Examine the rise of cyber crime and why phishing continues to be a key tool and technique for attacks
  • Understand the different types of phishing attacks and how the complexity of each one can be completely different
  • Know the best way to respond to phishing attacks when at work and at home


Topics explored in this course, Phishing:

  • Introduction to phishing
  • History of phishing
  • Why phishing is used
  • Type of attacks
  • Staying safe

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