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Tech Skills for Life Project Webinar

Please join us for a webinar on Norfolk County Council’s Tech Skills for Life Project on Monday 16th September at 14:00. Book your place below and scroll down for further information on the project.

Tech Skills for Life

  • Do you need to book appointments, buy things online and apply for jobs, but you’ve run out of credit and your phone screen is too fiddly?
  • Have you got a smartphone, but think you might not be getting the best out of it?
  • Do you wonder if you’re missing out because you’re not on the internet?
  • Are you worried about staying safe from online scams?
  • Do your kids need to do their homework, but you haven’t got a laptop or the internet at home?

Tech Skills for Life is here to help!

Our friendly Community Tech Coaches can help you with laptops, tablets and data and advice about affordable broadband. We can also teach you new skills that will make tech easier to use.

Community Tech Coaches can:

  • Give you the skills and confidence to be safe online and use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone however you want.
  • Help you get access to a smartphone, laptop or tablet at no cost to you.
  • Help you get free mobile data or a cheaper broadband tariff.
  • Teach you new skills and suggest useful things like classes or social groups.

Get your tech skills sorted, make your life easier, and get in touch today.

Call 01485 536420 or 01493 448246, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and speak to a Community Tech Coach, or leave a message, and we’ll call you back.

If you’re online already, fill in our contact form: