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Update on what the NHS in Norfolk and Waveney is doing to respond to coronavirus (11 November 2020)

New County Wide Campaign about the National Restrictions effective from 5 November 2020

The County Council has launched a new county wide media campaign about the new restrictions that came in on 5 November and have asked us to encourage all parish councils to use these messages – and to pass them on to other organisations in the town or parish.

All the information about this campaign can be downloaded from

The download consists of these files

  • A "New Restrictions" Supporting Messages File
  • A "New Restrictions" Comms Briefing for November
  • 7 graphic images – quite large files – for use as appropriate
  • And a word document holding all 7 graphics in a smaller easier to use format which you can cut and paste into other documents or use on social media, websites etc

Sample Graphic

Support to help people to self-isolate

The leaflet below explains how your residents who are forced to self-isolate can get help. As Norfolk County Council says:

" To protect our community, we need to continue to keep safe from infection and prevent further coronavirus outbreaks."

Last updated: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 09:36