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Reuse and Recycling in Norfolk

Norfolk currently recycles 43.4% of its waste through recycling centres, recycling bin collections and community recycling schemes. However, there is still over 200,000 tonnes of waste generated by households in Norfolk that is not recycled. Find out more about what happens to your waste and recycling. The articles below are full of ideas to improve recycling and reuse in your community and tips to share with your residents.


Claim recycling credits for your community

Over 450 community groups in Norfolk, including 84 parish councils, claim recycling credits for recycling banks and schemes they operate in their own community. Norfolk County Council pays recycling credits at the rate of £62.17 per tonne of waste recycled. Together groups recycle an impressive 3000 tonnes of waste each year raising £180,000. Find how to start or expand your community recycling scheme and register to claim recycling credits here.

Claim recycling credits for your community

  • Reuse shops are expanding across the county with 5 new shops opening in 2019 bringing the total to 14 reuse shops based at Recycling Centres in Norfolk. Reuse shops sell a wide range of second-hand items at car boot sale prices. Find your nearest reuse shop and dig out a bargain! (Shops are temporarily closed due to the second national lockdown.)
  • Community "give and take" reuse events have proved popular giving people the opportunity to reuse unwanted items and pick up fantastic reused goods. Find out how to plan your reuse event for the future when national restrictions permit.
  • Promote your local Repair, Reuse and Recycling options with Bin Genie. Norfolk has a large network of recycling, reuse and repair facilities including charity shops and recycling banks. To find your most convenient and environmentally friendly option use our recycling locator Bin Genie.

Christmas recycling top tips

Did you know, we throw away around 30% more rubbish at Christmas? The good news is, there are lots of things we can all do to help to reduce this:

  • Take the Scrunch Test and scrunch your wrapping paper in your hand. If it stays scrunched, it can go in your recycling bin but if it bounces back, it may contain plastic film which can't be recycled and needs to go in the rubbish bin. If wrapping paper has glitter on it or lots of tape in cannot be recycled.
  • Christmas cards with no glitter on can also be recycled. Why not reuse glittery cards to make present tags or bunting. Check the full list of what can and can't go in your recycling bin here
  • Christmas trees, Christmas lights, electrical items and batteries can all be recycled at recycling centres free of charge. Check the full list of what you can take to Norfolk's 20 Recycling Centres.
  • Find the latest seasonal leftover recipe ideas, and tips on cutting down on food waste at the food savvy website. Top tip – "Many Christmas leftovers can be frozen including hard cheeses, milk, and bread".
  • Compost your sprout peelings, along with other festive fruit and veg, see the latest composting offers and advice here.

Family activities and poster competition time

Download the Christmas recycling activity sheet aimed at children and their families. By completing the challenges, families can pick up lots of top tips about how to waste less over this festive period.

Win an eco-hamper and craft goodies by creating an eye-catching poster with a 'top tip' that will help others to waste less and recycle more this Christmas.

Closing date: 14 December 2020. Open to all Norfolk residents. Please email a photo/copy of your entry to and see terms & conditions here

Recycling Centres Update

Norfolk's Recycling Centre's will remain open during the national lockdown starting on 5 November with social distancing measures in place. However, the Reuse Shops based at Recycling Centres will temporarily close. Please see the latest update on the Recycling Centre service during the Corona Virus Pandemic here.

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Saving Waste Webinar and Q&A with NCC Waste Reduction Officers

7pm on Zoom on Thursday 3 December 2020

More details to follow but contact for a 'ticket'

The Norfolk Independent Advisory Group (IAG)
AGM and Q&A Session, Tuesday 1 December, via MS Teams, starting at 6pm

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has asked us to publicise this event as widely as possible – please share this with anyone who might be interested in attending the AGM and the Q&A session after with the PCC and Assistant Chief Constable Nick Davison.

The Norfolk Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is a group of local residents from different community backgrounds who work alongside the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (OPCCN) and the Norfolk Constabulary. The group offers opinions and advice and shares their community-based perspectives with the aim of improving the quality of policing services for everyone.

The IAG has a key role to play in helping to increase the public's trust and confidence in the police, particularly amongst minority communities. Its members help with monitoring the quality of service Norfolk Constabulary provides to the diverse communities of Norfolk with particular emphasis on hate crime, critical/major incidents, policies and procedures, and Stop and Search.

The AGM will be a virtual AGM using Microsoft Teams which is easy to use being very similar to Zoom. It can be downloaded, for free, from here

There are PC and mobile phone versions.

Update on what the NHS in Norfolk and Waveney is doing to respond to coronavirus (11 November 2020)

New County Wide Campaign about the National Restrictions effective from 5 November 2020

The County Council has launched a new county wide media campaign about the new restrictions that came in on 5 November and have asked us to encourage all parish councils to use these messages – and to pass them on to other organisations in the town or parish.

All the information about this campaign can be downloaded from

The download consists of these files

  • A "New Restrictions" Supporting Messages File
  • A "New Restrictions" Comms Briefing for November
  • 7 graphic images – quite large files – for use as appropriate
  • And a word document holding all 7 graphics in a smaller easier to use format which you can cut and paste into other documents or use on social media, websites etc

Sample Graphic

Support to help people to self-isolate

The leaflet below explains how your residents who are forced to self-isolate can get help. As Norfolk County Council says:

" To protect our community, we need to continue to keep safe from infection and prevent further coronavirus outbreaks."

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