Official Partners of Norfolk County Council and Scribe Accounting

Norfolk Association of Local Councils

Formed by Parish Councils, Run for Parish Councils, Delivering to Parish Councils

Norfolk Association of Local Councils (Norfolk ALC) is a Co-Operative not for profit membership association of parish and town councils. It works closely with the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). Please contact us if you wish to know more about the benefits of membership of Norfolk ALC.

Norfolk ALC provides specialist information, advice and training to parish and town councils. It speaks with a strong collective voice, representing members' corporate interests through the National body to government and works in partnership with a county network of District, Borough, County Councils and other public service providers.

Norfolk ALC is managed by a Board made up of elected representatives from parish and town councils from all the districts in Norfolk, excluding Norwich City Council, currently not parished.

The County Officer, Sarah Bristow, manages the Norfolk ALC office in County Hall with support staff and a complementary team of specialist officers and partners who ensure the programme is responsive to the broad range of services in demand by parish and town councils.

Click here for details of our extensive portfolio of regular and customised services available.

Please remember that any Norfolk ALC Member Council can access the National Association of Local Councils' members site. This contains legal information and updates for first-tier councils, and the latest policy and parliamentary news and briefings.

Members' access is via a username and password. Please contact us if you don't already have these details.