Support for Councils and Clerks

The aim of the course is to introduce your role as a Local Council Councillor here in Norfolk. The course covers four aims complementing The Good Councillor’s Guide, a publication of the National Training Strategy in England, who represent NALCSLCCLGA and MCHLG.

1 The Core Roles within a Local Council and how their working relationships power the Council’s effectiveness, and the duties and responsibilities of the council as a corporate body, individual councillors, the chairman and the clerk.
We consider how relations work effectively across all roles within the council.

2 Legal landscape of Local Council and how legislation governs action. We consider the council’s legal framework including duties, powers, and other statutory requirements. We consider the importance of good governance across the functions of council.

3 How Local Councils get business done and how you contribute. We explore decision-making, administration of meetings and what happens outside of meetings, in the case of emergencies.

4 How Local Councils deliver and explore ways of fostering vibrant and flourishing communities Community is the heart of what local councils are all about, identifying community needs and plans; engaging with the planning system and getting to know the community well. We look at how your council might engage and support the betterment of your locality through new initiatives.

This course can be delivered as a one-day course at a venue of your choice. Alternatively, this course can be attended using Zoom across two sessions. Delegates will receive a toolkit of resources and guides. 

The course provides 2.5 CPD points (The CPS point scheme is a product of the National Training Strategy) which are recognised for the purposes of the Local Council Award Scheme.