Support for Councils and Clerks

At a local level we provide you with:

  •  Up to date advice and guidance on the smooth running of Councils
  • CILCA training with the only accredited training in Norfolk *
  • Customised training for Councils
  • Associates who offer specialist advice in HR, Legal, VAT, Burial, Accounts,
    Data-Protection, Community Engagement, and Compliance
  • Internal Audit service *
  • Locum Service *
  • Wages processing *
  • Website hosting and troubleshooting (Norfolk Parishes) *
  • Topical webinars
  • Model templates and policies
  • Advertising job vacancies
  • Recruitment Service *
  • Signposting to help in a crisis
  • Community well-being and climate change resources

* = Optional extra services at additional cost, discounted for members.

Only through Norfolk ALC will your membership include the following
invaluable support from National ALC:

  • Engaging with and lobbying the UK government and parliament on
    matters of community interest
  • Ensuring councils are aware of upcoming legislation
  • Identifying and sharing good practice
  • Improving the capacity and capabilities of local councils
  • Providing high quality advice and guidance at a national level
  • In house legal advice
  • Communication expertise to help you get your message out
  • Advice to reduce bullying within and increase civility and respect
    towards all councils
  • Publications which inform best practice