Support for Councils and Clerks

Why your Council needs a website

Your local council requires a webiste to comply with the Transparency code to publish information to the pubic. This should be owned by the Council to ensure full control. Your website must also comply with the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility regulations to ensure your information is available to users of all abilities. Ideally it would have a domain name to show your position as local government. 

Norfolk Parishes

Norfolk ALC introduced the Norfolk Parishes website service in 2010 and at that time hosted 120 websites, taking over from an older system. As of 2023 we now host 185 websites for councils throughout Norfolk. 

Example Site

Norfolk Parishes Website Example

The Platform

Norfolk Parishes is hosted on WordPress. We use WordPress as it is the most popular and successful CMS (Content Management System) available. WordPress is now 20 years old, but has had received many many updates to keep it’s position as the number 1 CMS in use online worldwide. (Source:

It is secure and stable and now actively managed to ensure it’s constantly updated. It is easy to use and provides all the features you’ll require to create and manage your website. The service is centrally managed by us to ensure we can always assist you as required. 

Our service provides a fully WCAG 2.1 AA compliant theme so you don’t need to worry about the basic structure of your site. Please note, as with most services, it will be up to you to publish documents in accessible formats.

CMS Usage Stats 2023

Fully Managed Content Service

We now offer a fully managed content service where we maintain and update your website for you, freeing your time for other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the websites hosted in the UK?

Yes – our sites are hosted in the UK by our trusted partner.

Can you migrate or copy my existing website

We don’t migrate or copy entire websites to ensure a smooth transition, however we can copy of all the essential information from your existing website to ensure you don’t lose anything.

Do you offer a discount for Norfolk ALC members?

Yes – the service is very competitively priced for Norfolk ALC members. The discount is already included in our members only pricing.

Do you offer training and support for Norfolk Parishes websites?

Yes – every website comes with a free one to one online training session with the main user to show them how the site works. This is backed up by documentation and YouTube videos. Basic email and phone support is also included as part of the package at no extra cost.

I work short hours and don’t have time to maintain a website, can you do it for me?

Yes – please enquire about our fully managed content service where we take over updating your website. Simply email us your agendas/minutes and news etc (or any website changes) and we’ll do the rest.

We are not members – do you offer websites to non-members?

Yes – we offer our website service to all councils in Norfolk, regardless of Norfolk ALC membership. There is however a 50% increase in website costs for non-members.

What happens to my website if I’m no longer a member – won’t it cost hundreds of pounds to retain it?

No – it won’t cost hundreds of pounds. Your website will continue as normal and you’ll be charged our non-members fee which is 50% more expensive. For example, if you paid £70 per year as a member you’d then pay £105 as a non-member.

Why should we pay for a Norfolk Parishes website when there are freely-available platforms with no ongoing costs?

A free service is likely to offer little or poor help when you need it and may be supported by adverts displayed on your website that makes your council look unprofessional. A free service will not offer a domain name.
If you are looking into a free website service supported by a third party be sure to fully understand what is included in the support packages they offer and be clear of the ongoing costs.

Can you offer training and support for my non Norfolk Parishes WordPress website?

No – we cannot offer support on any websites that are not our own Norfolk Parishes service. We can move your content to a new website hosted by us if required though, please get in touch.

"Thank you so much for the training on how to update the Parish Council website last week. I found the 1:1 session on Zoom really straightforward and it delivered exactly what I needed to know; you are clearly very knowledgeable in this area and are able to share this knowledge easily with others."