Support for Councils and Clerks

SLCC Norfolk and Norfolk ALC are working in partnership in the delivery of this exciting new programme which aims to develop professional standards across our sector. Norfolk is leading the way with this new partnership and we have received interest and support from our national bodies – SLCC and NALC.

The programme was launched in February 2020 following some experienced local Clerks coming together for Induction Training and they are now supporting other clerks within a structured mentoring relationship.

Mentoring is widely recognised as an invaluable tool in professional development and brings benefits to both the mentor and mentee. It provides benefits to Councils such as developing skills and knowledge, employee resilience and improved retention levels. The longer-term benefits for the sector include improved capacity, capability and sharing of good practice and new initiatives. It also paves the way for developing cross-border working relationships.

This is a flagship programme and a dedicated programme management team will be monitoring and evaluating progress, aiming to make it available to our SLCC/ALC colleagues in other counties. The management team represent the partners of this programme and are:

Gina Lopes, SLCC County Mentor

Jimmy Miller, Training Officer, Norfolk ALC –

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